CryptoFamily Card:

Empower Your Family's Spending Power

Introducing the CryptoFamily Card, designed with families in mind. Our CryptoFamily Card offers instant transactions, worldwide acceptance, and high daily pickup limits, enabling your family to access and manage funds seamlessly.

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Instant Transactions: Experience fast and hassle-free transactions with the CryptoFamily Debit Card, allowing your family to make purchases and manage funds in real-time.

Worldwide Acceptance: Accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, our debit card provides unparalleled convenience and flexibility for your family's spending needs.

High Daily Pickup Limits: CryptoFamily's Debit Card offers generous daily pickup limits, enabling your family to access funds when they need them the most.

Enhanced Security: Rest assured knowing that our debit card is backed by state-of-the-art security measures, safeguarding your family's assets.

FamilyNFT, one of a kind

THE FIRST RENT-TO-EARN NFT that propagates financial freedom

Create stream of additional income and generational wealth, share it with the ones you love, get them started for free.

benefits and features

Additional Income: Receive a 2.08% daily on your Rewards Cube, and a potential 6.25% extra on other three cubes.

Automatic Withdrawals: Every 1st and 15th of each month you can redeem your rewards without commission.

Help Others: Help other families transform their economies effortlessly. Send them a FREE FamilyNFT from your Vouchers Cube.

Generational Wealth: Access real assets such as property rights and physical gold through our NFT projects portfolio.

Decentralized Payment System:

Revolutionizing Family Finances

We are driven by passion to help others. We transform families lives around the world with simple to use yet very strong financial tools.

overview and advantages

Borderless Transactions: Access our system across the globe without hassle. You only need internet access and a device to connect to it.

Easy to use: Families can benefit from our system since the very beginning, even without understanding how everything works.

Easy to start: You can start with as little as 24 dollars or start for free by invitation from one of our members.

Access Property Rights: Access property rights with our NFT Projects portfolio. Build your familiy’s future backed by real assets


How it works:

We aim to transform the family's lives and economy. We see people struggling to make ends meet, and can no longer sit back and let them suffer. Using the Family Token, we will improve the lives of our Crypto Family through multiple avenues of revenue generation, helping you to leverage your contributions into the Family Token.

Members can join by acquiring FamilyToken through their decentralized wallet and depositing the token in the platform, or directly renting a FamilyNFT with their credit/debit card inside the platform.

Crypto Family offers its Members the unique opportunity to rent asset-backed and rewards generating NFTs. The minimum rental package is the FamilyNFT, with a cost of $24 for a 90-day cycle, with potential daily rewards of $2. FamilyNFT rewards are divided equally into four Cubes, with each Cube receiving $0.50. Our rewards are stored in a highly secured digital wallet and are redeemed as per the withdrawal protocols and Cube’s Game Rules.

This feature is designed to offer complete flexibility, ensuring that members can participate in the platform without any limitations based on their financial capacity. Members are free to rent as many NFTs as they wish, with no restrictions. New Members can join and get a FREE FamilyNFT by invitation from one of our Family Members.

Our platform aims to generate wealth sustainably and in an organized manner through the power of community. Members can join Crypto Family and earn rewards that are protected by smart contracts. These rewards are managed under individual accounts, with the platform designed to create sustainable economies within each community through several operating Cubes. Our Members can enjoy perpetual rewards through a regulated withdrawal protocol, leading to financial freedom.

We invite you to read our WhitePaper to discover more about our NFT Projects and Game Rules.