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Frequently Asked
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Have questions about CryptoFamily's products and services? Our FAQ section is here to help. Browse the topics below to find answers to common questions about our crypto debit card, offshore bank account, and decentralized payment system.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much does it cost to get a Crypto Family card?

    $490 for Black plastic card (Connection), $2000 for the Gold Metal (Flourish) and $10,000 for Pinnacle Black Metal card, paid with Family Tokens

  • How do i get my Crypto Family Card

    You will need to make sure you have your Family tokens ready, then place an order through the presale page and purchase the cards using your Family Tokens. Once purchased, you will get a voucher code and u can claim your card in our dashboard.

  • How do i keep my funds safe?

    Your funds are extremely safe. Why? You are storing your funds in your OWN Metamask wallet. You ONLY load the amount u want to spend, into the card/offshore bank account

  • What is the minimum load up amount?

    The minimum load up amount is 50usd

  • What is the Maximum amount i can spend?

    There is currently a cap of 80k monthly for Plastic cards and No limit for Black Pinnacle metal card

  • What is Crypto Family cards

    We are the first few brands to have a hybrid decentralised DEFI Privacy Crypto Debit Card, where u can connect your own custody Metamask wallet and load directly into the card

  • What is the loading fees?

    Loading Fees is 5% for Connection, 4.5% for Flourish, and 4% for Pinnacle

  • What do i do if i lose my card?

    You can contact our customer support and we will freeze your account, and you can get a replacement card

  • Can i send or receive fiat via swift?

    You are able to receive funds in SWIFT now but sending USD via swift to other banks is not possible as of now

  • e regular internet banking features?

    Yes , in 2023 this year, we will have more internet banking features for our Card users

  • Is there an annual renewal fee?

    There is a $100 annual renewal fee

  • Can i send my usd back to my metamask?

    No, once funds are offramped from Crypto-fiat into your Debit card, it can only be spent by swiping at any Visa POS machine or ATM machine 

  • How do I activate the card for online purchases? 

    You can activate online purchase option by informing our team

  • Do you have readily available support channels?

    We will have a Telegram support channel ready for any card support required

  • Can I upgrade to a higher tier of cards anytime?

    There will be an upgrade option in future, as of now, a new card purchase is required

  • What happens after the Card Expiry?

    The user will receive a notification 2 months prior to the expiration of their card, and to renew it, they will need to fill out a customer request form. There will be a fee for replacing the card (metal USD170 | plastic USD70), and the new card will be dispatched to the user.

  • What currency is currently supported?

    We currently are available in 2 chains, Binance smart chain and Ethereum chain, and support the following tokens BUSD, USDT, BNB, CAKE, USDC, ETH, DAI, SUSHI, UNI, WBTC

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